Bryttany Nelson

Bryttany Nelson headshot

Bryttany Nelson, Paralegal

Bryttany Nelson began working full-time in law firms in 2011, but she also has extensive experience running businesses since that time. From managing a family business in Madison County to starting her own companies, Bryttany’s array of skills and her customer-service mindset is a real asset to Strieker Law Firm’s clients. Bryttany’s position with Strieker Law Firm focuses on our litigation clients, where she acts as lead paralegal.

Kristen and Bryttany began working together as a pair in 2014, and they have formed a teamworking strategy that ensures cases move quickly and efficiently. In addition to case management duties, Bryttany’s responsibilities include discovery preparation, document drafting and execution, office administration, and invoicing/billing.

Bryttany currently lives with her husband and their family in Missouri. She enjoys horseback riding, traveling, and trying out new activities with her family.