When parties are going through a divorce, they quickly learn the hardships that accompany one household being split into two.  In most of these situations, it may be necessary for one party to provide financial support to the other party, for either that spouse’s needs and/or the support of the children.  Financial support is paid in two ways: child support and spousal maintenance (alimony).

Support issues are critical elements of any divorce settlement, and they must be crafted with care in your documents.  Individuals on both sides of this issue, both those paying support and those receiving it, want to feel assured that the calculations regarding the amount and duration of payments are made in a fair and appropriate manner.

Kristen Strieker has extensive experience as a child support lawyer, formulating divorce and custody agreements that incorporate support determinations, and she is current on the recent changes to the Illinois child support and maintenance statutes.  These significant statutory rewrites as to how support is determined make a great impact on how your case could be decided in a Court of law. Need help answering the many child support law questions? Contact her today to discuss any questions or concerns about your unique child support or maintenance situation.